Wehrs Electric, Inc. has been doing residential work since 1948. Since then, a lot has changed. We strive to change with the times to give our customers the newest options in the industry. Smart homes and LED lighting are a couple of the major changes in the last few years. We also are seeing people adding generators to their homes in case of power outages.

We now have the capability to control your entire home from your smart phone. Lights, window shades, garage doors, outlets, security systems, and stereos are all things that can be controlled with the touch of a button.

With LED lighting, you are able to control the brightness and color of all the lights in your home. The price for LED lights has come down significantly over the past few years. You still might be paying a little more up front, but LED lamps and fixtures will save you money in the long run. They have a much longer lifespan and also use significantly less power. Both of these things mean money in your pocket.

Whether you just bought a new flat screen TV and need a new outlet for it or you are building your dream home, contact Wehrs Electric, Inc. and we will be glad to help.